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el was also launched at the same event."We will keep upgrading very frequently, and we will progress with our intelligent manufacturing," Chen Anning, general manager of Chery Automobile, told China Daily.Chen Anning said, "China is leading the w

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intelligent era."The internation▓al giants' five-to-10-year duration between each generation of models won't fit into today's customer needs, while user behaviors are evolvin▓g very fast."Chinese OEMs have setup meaningful level▓s of automation, t

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place, according to Michael Adick, managing director, auto industry, Accenture Greater China.He told the report▓er, "Chinese companies are in general in the forefront of innovation and intelligent development▓. The challenge is the meaningful inte

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is intell▓igent production system is the digital Integration of the whole supply chain."Zhu Guohua, executive director of Chery Automobile's intelligent vehicle business u

nit, said the manufacturer wil▓l upgrade its entire value chain through digitalization and intelligen

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platform across all functions and values that will not only benefit our manufactu▓ring side, but also cover the customer side from more flexible orders to meet in

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unced its Apollo project last year. It is ▓an open autonomous driving platform, and the internet giant claims it has gained m▓ore than 90 pa

rtners for the platform so far.Chinese automotive executives ▓have continued to highlight connectivity and digitalization as a key priority, followed by the inc▓reased adoption of big data analytics to create value, accor▓ding to a

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companies will us e Baidu Inc's Ap ollo platform in their latest pr oducts which  were launched at the event.Chery Auto mobile revealed its CheryLion inte lligent deve lopment plan, and launched its fir st smart model Tiggo 8, ▓a mid- to large- size sport utility v ehicle.Dongfeng Mo tor's pass enger vehicle brand Dongfe 鹤庆县5G 双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治县5G 兴城市wap 香港5G 行唐县5G 蚌埠市wap 台湾wap 庆安县5G 宽甸满族自治县wap 贵溪市5G 武胜县5G 莒县5G 凌源市5G 富裕县wap 通榆县5G 辛集市wap 竹溪县5G 射阳县5G 惠水县5G 新兴县5G 最新开单职业传奇私服 制作单机传奇私服教程 新开传奇私服中变 多职业传奇私服贴吧 手游传奇私服 热血传奇私服加速挂 热血传奇私服加速器 单职业传奇私服手游 今日新开超级变态传奇私服网站 新开传奇私服网站1.76精品